The Nubecita Story

They say "it takes a village to raise a child"... and Nubecita is our baby. You might recognize some of these faces ready to help. Say hello and make a new friend. You will always know where to find us.

Nubecita started with a small idea…

What if we created a store that was open and attractive — a place where new vapers or curious non-vapers are welcome?

We want Nubecita to be the store that anyone can visit — bright, open and inviting — a place where you can explore all the flavors and always find new, interesting things. Nubecita is full of your favorite flavors, the newest devices, and everything else you might need for vaping.

In every Nubecita you visit, you will find the same selection of devices, juices, accessories, and the same great service. With 4 locations in Merida, Yucatan, you are sure to find a store close to you. And if you can’t make it to the store, we offer same-day home delivery.

We always have a list of your purchase history on hand across all stores, so you never forget what you bought, type of coil you need, or your last favorite juice. All our locations feature free WIFI, parking, air-conditioning, and multiple payment methods. We got you covered.

Nubecita Vape Shop - Star Card

We have the BEST team.

Our team members are well trained experts in everything we sell at Nubecita. We are vapers too – we care about vaping and your experience. That’s why we help you setup your device, show you how to take care of it, and how to get the best vaping experience. We vape all our own flavors too, and we can help you find your new favorite.

We have the BEST devices.

We don’t have the biggest selection of devices, but we make up for it with the BEST devices. Every single model of device we sell was tested by us. After all, we’re vapers too. We make sure that every device we sell is the BEST in CLASS from the most trusted brands, is easy to use, and problem free.

We carry ALL the supplies for every device we sell. We always have Coils, Pods, Tanks, Batteries, and anything else you need to keep using your device. In the case that you want something special that we don’t normally stock, just ask, we can usually get it for you.

We want your vaping experience to be easy & reliable the first time you try it – and every time after.

We have the BEST guarantee.

The most important part of vaping is having a reliable experience. We know that factory defects happen, or accidents. That’s why we have a 100% guarantee. If your device breaks, or something goes wrong, or you don’t like your device, you have 30 days to exchange it or get your money back. We won’t fight you, or try to tell you it’s your fault. We want you to be happy. No matter what the problem is, we’ll take care of you. If you want even more protection, we offer an additional 30 days for $150 pesos when you buy your device.

We have the same guarantee with our juice. If you don’t like your flavor, come in and tell us – exchange it for something else. We don’t want to vape juice we don’t like… and neither should you. With over 50+ flavors to choose from, we are sure you will find your perfect all-day vape.

The BEST selection of High quality juice.

With over 50+ flavors, you are sure to find your perfect all-day flavor. We make all our own liquids so we know exactly what’s in them. We only use the best certified USP VG, PG, Flavors, and Nicotine. We use less sugar than most other juice manufacturers so your coils last longer, the juice is lighter, last longer, and doesn’t become overbearing. When you need your favorite juice, you can rest assured we have it in stock.

We have the BEST Music.

We listen to a special radio station in Nubecita called Secret Agent on Soma FM. If you like what you hear, tune-in and join us on our musical adventure.

Follow the cloud…

Check us out on Instagram. We announce new stuff and restocks of disposables (Maskkings, etc.), devices, and juices. You can also join our email list on the homepage to stay connected to new happenings.

What does the future hold? 

Our new website was designed to create the same feeling you get in our stores. Easily browse our full selection of juice and devices — an experience as close as possible to visiting one of our store locations. Now whether you are in Baja or Mérida, you'll always be able to get what you need — a worry-free, online vape store from the people you know and trust at Nubecita.
Keep an eye out for new Nubecita locations — there just might be one in your city or town sooner than you think ;)

 Hey, You – Vape Store Owner...

We are on the look–out for existing forward–thinking vape store owners that think the Nubecita brand is the way for you. Imagine an unlimited supply of products, devices, and juices backed by strong marketing, brand recognition, and customer loyalty. If you are interested in finding out more, get in touch. Tell us a little about you and your store. You never know what exciting possibilities are just around the corner.