The Nubecita Vape Juice Experience

Just as people use a lot of names for vaping equipment — device, equipo, pen, stick — and our favorite, Vape — there are plenty of names for the tasty elixir they put in their vapes.

We get asked for liquid, e-liquid, líquido. Some of the more, how shall we say — free-thinking — come in to Nubecita looking for oil or wax, though we have a feeling that might be something else entirely ;) What do you call what you put in your vape?

We make Juice.

At Nubecita, we call it Vape Juice. We even put a giant JUICE sign at Nubecita Campestre, above our signature cloud logo. With apologies to the people who come into our stores looking for an actual mango smoothie — we do have Brain Candy Mango Ripe!

Doubling-Down on Juice.

Instead of adding more complicated names to the world, we made ours about the flavor experience...

Although there are many fantastic juices with exotic names like Rainbows of Xanadu and Salty Unicorn Tears — in our typical unconventional style — we decided to make it simpler. Instead of adding more complicated names to the world, we made ours about the flavor experience.

Easy to understand names. Unmistakable flavor experiences.

Our first vape juice was Maple Smooth Tobacco, aged with maple syrup-dry and un-sweetened tobacco, with a hint of vanilla, for those that appreciate true tobacco flavor. We quickly added Ice-Blue Freeze, a frozen, minty blast of Canadian winter. We rounded out the original Brain Candy collection with Pink Pitaya, with the taste of freshly sliced ripe pitaya and just a touch of sugar.

More unique flavors, all with straight-forward names, emerged to form our Tobacco, Fruit, Menthol, Soda, Tea, Wine and Salt collections.

Try our Merlot, a red wine with a subtle suggestion of aged berries. Or Chai Tea, an exotic Indian black chai with a touch of cream. Or Grape Cola, grape and citrus sodas splashed together in a bubbly, flavor medley. Salt Nicotine lovers will appreciate the full-flavor simplicity of our strawberry and banana combo, StraBana.

With over 50 varieties and more coming this year, there really is a flavor experience for every palate.

Simple names. Really big flavor experiences. Only available at Nubecita, Mexico.

The Nubecita Vape Juice Experience