Two Crazy Canadian Guys in Mexico Who LOVE to Vape.

Rob & Joshua outside Nubecita Campestre.

Nubecita started by accident on a hot winter day in Mérida, Yucatan. We sat enjoying a typical Canadian activity — drinking coffee at Starbucks. The discussion turned, as it often did, to vaping and why it was so hard to find the tobacco-flavored juice we liked at the local vape stores...

How can we get vape juice? 

We had asked our local stores if they could get our favorite juices. We had searched the online stores in México, the United States and Canada. It seemed impossible to get a consistent supply of tobacco-flavored vape juice in Mérida.

The question lingered — how can we get our vape favorite juice?
That question turned into an obsession and we were determined to find an answer.

Let's make it ourselves!

What if we made our own vape juice? Let's do it! How hard can it be? While it was surprisingly easy to order supplies of flavor concentrates, VG, PG, bottles and the required equipment, creating great vape juice flavors was a challenge. We tried over 100 custom recipes before creating one flavor that was not just good, but great. Our flagship "Maple Smooth Tobacco" was born out of these many failed attempts.

Its subtly maple-sweet, tobacco flavor is still one of our best-sellers — give it a try!

Brain Candy – A new Juice Company was born.  

Having fixed the original problem for ourselves, the next step was to see if we could fix it for everyone — could we keep local stores well-stocked with a great tobacco vape juice flavor? With just one juice flavor, we started distributing in Mérida and a few other cities in México. Brain Candy Juice Company was born. Much to our delight, people loved our juice as much as we did. Encouraged by our early success, we decided to create more flavors. One-by-one we crafted new and exciting flavors and released them to the public.

Brain Candy now comes in 50+ vape juice flavors in over 9 collections with new, carefully-crafted flavors always in development.

Nubecita Campestre – Wall of juice.

Nubecita – a new type of vape store. 

Distributing our juices to stores around Mexico was fun and solved our original dilemma but we were left with the feeling that something important was wrong. The vape stores that carried our juice were often dark and intimidating, especially to new vapers. Juice & devices were kept out of reach, behind glass counters, only to be offered to customers at the whim of the store staff. We thought it would be a better idea to allow people to touch and hold the products — to explore and choose items for themselves.

What if we created a store that was open and attractive — a place where new vapers or curious non-vapers were welcome?

No more darkly-lit men's club vibe.

We wanted Nubecita to be the store that anyone could visit — bright, open and inviting — a place where you can explore all the flavors and always find new, interesting things. Nubecita is full of your favorite flavors, the newest devices, and everything else you might need for vaping. And we just opened a second store in Merida's Plaza de la Tecnología!

What does the future hold? 

Our new website was designed to create the same feeling you get in our stores. Easily browse our full selection of juice and devices — an experience as close as possible to visiting one of our store locations. Now whether you are in Baja or Mérida, you'll always be able to get what you need — a worry-free, online vape store from the people you know and trust at Nubecita.

Keep an eye out for new Nubecita locations — there just might be one in your city or town sooner than you think ;)

Special Thanks to Our Amazing Team.

They say "it takes a village to raise a child"... and Nubecita is our baby. Nothing would be possible without our incredible team working around the clock to make Nubecita possible. 

Joshua Gatcke
Rob Hunter
Gabriela Muñiz
Eduardo San Miguel
Valeria Rodríguez
Eduardo Solis
Xiomara Montalvo


 Hey, You – Vape Store Owner...

We are on the look–out for existing forward–thinking vape store owners that think the Nubecita brand is the way for you. Imagine an unlimited supply of products, devices, and juices backed by strong marketing, brand recognition, and customer loyalty. If you are interested in finding out more, get in touch. Tell us a little about you and your store. You never know what exciting possibilities are just around the corner.