Nubecita, Mérida’s newest vape shop, creates a uniquely stylish & comfortable experience.

Mérida, Yucatán, México — Mérida’s newest vape shop is different, offering over 50 unique juice flavors, elegant, curated vapes, JUUL compatible pods and accessories in a cool, bright & friendly atmosphere.

Owners Joshua Gatcke and Rob Hunter got their start early this year by creating three flavors they called Brain Candy, named after the Kids in the Hall comedy film from their native Canada.

After successfully distributing Brain Candy to local shops, they decided Mérida needed a lot more flavor choices and a new kind of vape shop. They set out to create a store where customers would always be able to find the flavors they liked. Nubecita replaces the dark windows, cramped space and confusing offerings of most vape stores with a well-designed, spacious environment where the products are easy to understand.

Nubecita eliminates the need to decide between a large, confusing variety of vapes and instead lets customers choose from an expert-tested range of vapes selected for their reliability, ease-of-use & enjoyability.

“Nubecita is different”, says Gatcke. “We set out to create a store where there are 1000 juices on the shelf and you can touch them… where you can pick up the devices… a place where anyone can feel comfortable, especially women”.

“Some Nubecita customers are in the process of switching from smoking and are looking for JUUL compatible pods while others just vape for fun”, Hunter added. “Women love our shop. They like our tea flavors like chai and ginger as well our sangria, merlot, champagne and wine-chocolate flavors”.

Nubecita - Campestre is open Monday — Saturday, 10:00am-8:00pm and located in Plaza Campestre, Prolongación Montejo, Mérida, México.


Nubecita now has a second store in Centro!

We are open Monday — Saturday, 10:00am-9:00pm and 11:00am-5:00pm Sundays on the top floor of Plaza de la Tecnología (56X59).

Nubecita, Mérida’s newest vape shop, creates a uniquely stylish & comfortable experience.