Introducing STLTH – Canada's favorite vape, now available in Mexico.

STLTH – Straight from Canada featuring huge 2ml Pods, large selection of flavors, and a fantastically long–lasting battery. Everything you love about Juul only 2 times better. Here's why people are calling STLTH the "Juul killer". 

Amazing Flavors!

Not only does STLTH use a large 2ml flavor pod, it also the best flavor selection — and the best flavors. Choose from Tundra Berry, Berry Blast, Mango, Frost, Honeydew Menthol, Crisp Apple and Tobacco Blend. There are also specialty co-branded flavors from major liquid makers like RopeCut – Skipper, Dark 30, Loose Canon. That's a lot of flavors! And all of these high quality Canadian flavor pods are assembled in Ontario, Canada.

Nubecita is proud to be the only shop in Mérida with the STLTH, sourced from the official distributor in México. You can be sure you are always getting the authentic Canadian STLTH quality, taste and experience.

Everything you love about JUUL, only better.

Most people have heard of JUUL, the U.S. brand that brought their best-selling vaping device to people searching for an alternative to smoking. JUUL changed the way people vape by miniaturizing the devices and simplifying the vaping experience. They made vape liquid refills as simple as popping in a new flavor pod. JUUL also invented "Salt Nicotine", an innovation that has helped millions of smokers quit. Now you can get the same satisfaction you are used to with Juul in an even better device and form-actor. 

Backed by encouraging government health authority research — including Public Health England and Health Canada — both suggesting strong harm-reduction benefits of vaping — a crop of similar devices has emerged in other countries.

STLTH, the Canadian JUUL.

While U.K.'s Vype has surpassed JUUL as the world's leading vapour company, Canadian upstart STLTH has gained traction with its larger pods and battery capacity. Available extensively in Canada, STLTH is compact, discreet and easy to use. It comes in four colors — Black, Navy, Rose and Grey — and the battery lasts all day!

If you are tired of not being able to find JUUL pods or just want to give STLTH a try, come by either of our two stores in Mérida and we would be happy to introduce you to Canada's favorite vape.

Introducing STLTH – Canada's favorite vape, now available in Mexico.